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Welcome to STT Computer Repair and Support

STT Computer Support and Repair started in 2007. During this time, our IT-specialists have vast experience and knowledge that is constantly being improved. During these 12 years, hundreds of customers experienced quality of our services. In addition, over 80% of our new customers have previously used another computer service, and now stay with us and confidently recommend us to their friends. This is why we don’t do a lot of advertising, because we believe that “A Satisfied Customer Is the Best Advertising!”


We work on all devices of any brand performing hardware & software repairs, installation & setup, tune-ups & upgrades.


Advice is always free so give us a ring or bring your computer in for a free evaluation.


Tired of simple internet machine or basic office computer? No problem! We build high-end gaming or video editing PC. STT Computer Repair and Support can help you mix and match parts and cases.

Our Service include repairs and assistance:

Perhaps your PC has a similar needs/problems

• Help in choosing a computer, support, advice,
• Assembly of computers based on the needs of the customer
• Computer turns on forever,
• Installation and upgrade of Operating systems (MS Windows, Mac, Linux)
• Laptop really hot or slow,
• Constantly freezes,
• Periodically produces various errors,
• Unexpectedly turns off / restarts,
• Shows a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD),
• Has loud buzzing noise,
• Cracked Screen,
• Keyboard filled with soda, beer or coffee.

We absolutely will solve any problem!

Also provide other support services, including:

Backing up your data,
Recover deleted files and folders,
Recovering damaged data such as a virus attack or just a non-working media
Find and install missing drivers,
Configuring the connection to the Internet,
Remote assistance and support offices and home computers,
Assistance in the selection and purchase of computer equipment,
Treatment of any viruses, Trojan horses and other nasty things,
Replacing screen on iPhones and iPads,
Configuring devices such as Wi-Fi routers, routers, modems, IP-TV consoles, and more,
Installation of wired / wireless networks in home and office,
Upgrade hardware (memory, processor, video card, hard drives, etc.),
And of course the adjustment and repair of computers, laptops of any complexity, as well as netbooks, GPS-navigators, tablets, printers, scanners, monitors, iPhones and Android phones, game consoles and much more ...
There are many people who claim to be IT professionals (smart kids, in-law, geeks, hackers, handymans), but when it comes to the difficult task or something simple as clean Windows install, they don’t know what to do, and sometimes (happens quite often) completely destroy your device or data. Do not let beginners to train on your expensive equipment!

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